Sunshine Sprouts Garden & Farm
Contact: Pamelia Bartlett
City: Hephzibah, GA, 30815
Email Address:
Phone: 706-836-2021
About Us
My farming practices has changed over the past 40 years from a 3 acre field to 1/2 acre to now mostly raised beds since 1989 and container garden.
Over the last few months I've been growing sprouts for salads and smoothies. The plus part of that is I lost 30 pounds last year after a major life altering event that landed me in the hospital with heart trouble. So I had to change my good ole country girl cooking with bacon grease, yummy. LOL
I do harvest most all my products Fresh Tuesday Morning. That means your vegetables will last a good week or more when stored properly. I want my produce fresh and I likewise, want yours too.
If you would like a sample of something, let me know and I try and get you some. Each week I make up Samples with what I do not sell so please ask.
I have been growing something ever since I can remember, along with having chickens and/or other farm animals. Therefore, I've always had the best fertilizer available, all natural composted mature. I was doing organic growing back in the early eighties, before my county extension agent even heard what organic gardening was. I'm passing own my all natural gardening practices to my granddaughter who loves to come to Grammy's to play in the dirt, especially in the spring It's planting time! She is my little ray Sunshine, hence the name of out little business... Sunshine Sprouts. She was Grammy's little Sunshine Sprout not so little anymore at 13 and as tall as Grammy! LOL...

I always try to harvest the morning my orders are due.