Hoosier-Magnolia farms
Contact: Michael and Stephenie Eppards
Address: 1610 Clary Cut Rd Harlem, GA, 30814
Email Address:
Phone: 765-606-4934
About Us
duck and rabbit farm with fruits and vegetables. ( rabbits are new and coming and so are fruits and vegetables) small farm in Harlem,GA. it is Veteran owned along with his wife and family owned. We are also looking into setting up a community egg vending machine.
we treat our ducks as pets but only name our breeders we are working on other duck products along with products in general. our rabbits are raised with our ducks and both get some time to free range. we also raise the rabbits for show, pets, and meat. we use the waste as fertilizer. we are working towards being self sustainable and animal friendly and humane.