Billue Family Farm LLC
Address: 2075 Green Pond Road, Aiken, SC, 29803
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Phone: 260-573-7634
About Us
Welcome to Billue Family Farm and B2 Beekeeping. We are a Disabled Veteran, family-owned, and operated business local to Aiken, South Carolina. ?

Our passion for bees, honey, and creating bee-by-products (value-added) turned an idea into a reality when B2 Beekeeping LLC was founded in 2021. What began with a few bee colonies soon turned into a successful business with half a dozen beehives producing a unique B2 line of quality products.

Since we launched B2 Beekeeping, we’ve stayed true to keeping the ingredients natural and to a minimum. In addition to staying local, we also focus on keeping our work sustainable and fair, because we know that happy and healthy bees lead to great products for our customers.?

We are growing!! and expanding from beekeeping to farming, because of the expansion we have changed our name to Billue Family Farm and doing business as B2 Beekeeping. We are focused on Local, sustainable products such as pasture-raised/free-range eggs, pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, and Beyond Organic Aeroponic vegetable farming
Raise chickens in a free-range environment. The Billue Family Farm raise their chickens in a free-range environment, giving them plenty of space to roam and forage for food. This will allow the chickens to express their natural behaviors and live a happier and healthier life. Free-range chickens are able to express their natural behaviors, such as foraging and dust bathing. They are also less likely to suffer from health problems.

Provide chickens an all-grain, and locally farmed feed crumble diet. The Billue Family Farm feed their chickens an all-grain and feed crumbles diet, which is high in protein and low in fillers. This will ensure that the chickens are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy and produce high-quality eggs.

Use humane methods of slaughter. When it is time to slaughter the chickens, the Billue Family Farm uses humane methods that cause the least amount of pain and suffering. This will ensure that the chickens are treated with respect and dignity.

Treat chickens with respect. The Billue Family Farm treats their chickens with respect at all times. This means providing them with clean water, comfortable night sleeping housing, plenty of enrichment and give human contact with them everyday where the chickens run up to them when they arrive home or step outside. Some Chickens even run up and want to be held.

These practices, the Billue Family Farm can ensure that their chickens are raised in a humane and sustainable way. This will allow them to produce high-quality eggs that are free of antibiotics and hormones.

Nutrient-rich: Hydroponic lettuce is grown in a nutrient-rich organic solution, so it is more nutrient-dense than soil-grown lettuce. This means that it is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Fresher: Hydroponic lettuce is grown in a controlled environment, so it is fresher than soil-grown lettuce. This is because it is not exposed to the same environmental factors that can cause soil-grown lettuce to spoil, such as pesticides, herbicides, and weather.

Safer: Hydroponic lettuce is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides, so it is safer to eat than soil-grown lettuce. This is important, especially for people who are allergic to these chemicals.

Environmentally friendly: Hydroponic lettuce farming uses less water and land than traditional farming methods. This makes it a more sustainable option.

Taste better: Some people say that hydroponic lettuce tastes better than soil-grown lettuce. This is because the plants are not exposed to the same environmental factors that can affect the taste of soil-grown lettuce, such as soil contaminants and pests.

B2 Beekeeping (B2) Products

Use natural ingredients. The Billue Family Farm uses natural ingredients in their skin care products. This means using ingredients that are derived from plants, animals, or minerals. Natural ingredients are often more effective than synthetic ingredients and are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Use sustainable practices. The Billue Family Farm uses sustainable practices in the production of their skin care products. This means using practices that reduce the environmental impact of their business. For example, they may use renewable energy sources, recycle materials, and reduce waste.

Package their products sustainably. The Billue Family Farm packages their products in a sustainable way. This means using packaging that is recyclable or compostable. They also use recycled materials in their packaging.

Label their products accurately. The Billue Family Farm labels their products accurately. When there is room Billue Family Farm lists all of the ingredients on the label