Kettle Creek Acres
Contact: Kevin Asmann
Address: Grovetown, GA,
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About Us
Kettle Creek Acres is a hobby market garden and workshop established in 2018 in Grovetown, Georgia. We sell seasonal organic produce, organic transplants, and woodcrafts. All of our seeds are self-collected, Certified Organic or Non-GMO. All wood is sustainably and locally sourced.
We are Certified Naturally Grown and strive to achieve ideals set forth in organic, biodynamic, and permaculture practices and philosophies. My daughters remove the hornworms (unless a Braconid wasp has visited) and most else is left to nature's whims. Companion planting is standard practice and intentional plantings of beneficial insect host plants is a must. Any outside inputs are OMRI listed or Certified Organic. We compost and use leaf mold throughout. Heavy mulching is standard. Watering is intentional and at the soil level.