Sunrise Bird Plants, LLC
Address: PO Box 2152 Evans, GA, 30809
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About Us
Sunrise Bird Plants LLC is a plant nursery in Evans, GA, dedicated to supporting the ecosystem.

For the home garden and landscaping, we grow plants that are native to local ecoregions around the CSRA. These plants support the highest number of pollinators, birds and other wildlife. We have chosen to grow only wild types of native plant species, no cultivars.

For the food garden, we grow open-pollinated and heirloom varieties of culinary herbs and vegetables.
Sunrise Bird Plants does not use any insecticides or herbicides during plant propagation. Plants are grown in certified organic potting soil. All plants are neonicotinoid-free and are safe for pollinators.

Sunrise Bird Plants strives to use ecologically sustainable methods and materials. Plants are sold in biodegradable containers that are easy to plant and are environmentally friendly. Labels are made of wood or metal. All plants are propagated from seeds or cuttings respecting the principles of ethical and sustainable plant sourcing.