Griffins Nest Co.
Contact: Griffin Nelson
Address: 4124 Rivermont Drive Evans, GA, 30809
Email Address:
Phone: 254-780-7622
About Us
Griffin's Nest Co. started out as a vintage based business right here in the CSRA. Griffin Nelson, the owner, designer, creator, producer, and wearer of all hats eventually transitioned into more handmade products though all continue to made with the same vintage and antique inspiration that got her into the business and often incorporate vintage materials as well. The stationery is typically designed using pieces of antique illustrations out of old books and postcards. Occasionally there will be collaborations with other local artists like Kimberly Campbell Creative to create limited edition designs as well!
Everything is either handmade or, if working with others, made in collaboration with local artists and producers. Any images used in stationery are either designed by me, made in collaboration with another local artist, or are out of copyright pieces that would otherwise be lost to history.