Humanitree House Juice Joint
Contact: Baruti and Denise Tucker
Address: 4029 Madison Lane Augusta, GA, 30909
Email Address:
Phone: 703-832-9750
About Us
HUMANITREE HOUSE is Augusta's first organic & vegan fresh-pressed juice joint. Founded by a local couple with a commitment to health and wellness, Humanitree House is your one stop shop for high quality, delicious fare. In addition to our organic juices, we also offer house made nut milks, raw & vegan salads, soups, acai bowls, smoothies, and cleanse packages. All of our products are organic, vegan, raw, and gluten-free options are also available.

We are Augusta's first Cold Pressed & Vegan Juice Bar and we take that title seriously. We use only the highest quality ingredients with our priorities being organic, local and vegan. Everything here is made with love from ingredients chosen with your, and the earth's health and satisfaction in mind. We provide inspired service, honest and transparent communication, and express gratitude for the richness of our lives. Humanitree House is our expression of love. We select the organic ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves, as we are one and the same. Humanitree House is a neighborhood gathering place. It’s the perfect place for meeting friends for a cup of tea, enjoying a smoothie made with locally sourced ingredients, or feeding your entire family. We know our community. We know our suppliers. And we know that what we provide is best for your mind, body and spirit. We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. Our juices and food are prepared daily with love.
Without all the fancy language, our juicing process yields the freshest, most nutritious, and genuinely raw juice around.
Made-to-order juices – the kind that get made on the spot while you wait– are created by machines using centrifugal force for extraction. The end result is a juice that is 80% water and only 20% nutrients. The force from the extraction tears the valuable food enzymes, the heat neutralizes and/or destroys desired nutrients, and the spoilage process begins right away, making immediate consumption necessary. HPP – or high pressure processing – techniques similarly degrade the quality of juice at a cellular level. HPP is an industry trick used to extend shelf life; HPP juices can be consumed up to 45 days after they’re created. End result: a less nutritious juice that the FDA allows to be called “fresh.”

At Humanitree House, we use the industry-leading, GoodNature X1 and FS20 Plus commercial cold-press juicers to gently extract every nutritious drop from organic fruits and vegetables. Our juicer extracts 3X more nutrients than any other cold-press machine, and yields a product with 5X the nutrients of a made-to-order juice. Our juices have on average a 3- to 5-day shelf life – and we’re proud of that. We also press fresh sugar cane straight from the grass as well as orange juice while you watch!