Haven's Eggs
Contact: Haven Leseberg, Kyra Leseberg
Address: 2328 Louisville Road Appling, GA, 30802
Email Address:
Phone: 706-445-7355
About Us
Leseberg Holler is a homestead in Appling, GA. Haven (age 8) is responsible for the care of her hens that live at the Chick Inn --- a cozy coop with a large outdoor chicken run (netted and fenced to deter the hens arch enemies, the possum and the hawk).
Haven's hens are raised naturally: outdoors, with the bugs and in the weeds! They have a spacious protected run and a chicken tractor for foraging adventures. We don't use chemicals in the coop (or anywhere on our homestead!) and the hens never receive antibiotics or medicated feed. Eggs have a natural protective coating known as the bloom that acts as a barrier to bacteria. This means that unwashed eggs will remain fresh and can be stored unrefrigerated for an extended length of time.