Medley Farm
Contact: Josh and Lorien Medeiros
Address: 1366 Evans rd SE Washington, GA, 30673
Email Address:
Phone: 706-678-4548
About Us
We are a small family farm located in Washington GA and we grow vegetables and greens year round. In addition, we do raise chickens that assist in making our compost. We have a passion for growing food naturally and taking responsibility for the care of our land.
Find us on Facebook @medleyfarm for more information.
We grow in Compost with no added chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We are working on the biodiversity of our soil by using our homemade compost, the No-till method and permanent beds with woodchipped pathways. By disturbing the soil as little as possible, we are encouraging a habitat that benefits the plants, mycorrhiza fungi, beneficial insects, microbial life in the soil and us.